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When it comes to our mission and work, we have a singular focus: To provide members with the specialized credential, knowledge, resources and community they need to be uniquely qualified for the P&C field.
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Active CAS Candidates — those who have sat for a CAS exam within the past two years — are invited to take advantage of a variety of benefits.
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The CAS path to success. Explore requirements for credentials with the CAS.

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CAS DISC: Introduction to Data & Analytics
Admissions Transformation, Exams & Admissions, Membership / Notices to Members
Exams & Admissions, Membership / Notices to Members
Exams & Admissions
Exams & Admissions, Membership / Notices to Members
Validation by Educational Experience
As part of basic education, the CAS requires Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) topics. Validation of these topics is required in addition to the preliminary education exams listed.
Transition Rules
There are many ways to get started on your professional journey to becoming a certified actuary. Read more to explore all of the educational and exam opportunities available to you.
Waiver Policy
Already pursuing a transition program toward your certification? Read on to learn about the process for submitting a waiver.
Earn Your Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) Credential
The CERA qualification provides risk professionals with strong ERM knowledge that drives better business decisions.