Fee Waiver Program for Academics

Academic Community Meeting and Seminar Fee Waiver Program for Academics

The CAS values the contributions of academics to the advancement of actuarial science and encourages academics to participate with practitioners at CAS meetings and seminars. Members of Academic Central may attend up to three CAS national meetings or seminars per year with registration fees waived. (This does not include Regional Affiliate Meetings.)

  • Registration fees for CAS meetings and seminars are waived for up to three events per year for members of CAS Academic Central and full-time academic members of the CAS.
  • Please note that the fee waiver program generally does not apply to CAS-sponsored events that have a limit on the number of attendees, such as limited attendance seminars and workshops held in conjunction with large CAS seminars, due to the CAS's obligation to provide CAS members with opportunities to fulfill the CAS's Continuing Education Policy and the need to cover costs associated with these smaller events, which often have paid instructors.

Academic Central members interested in attending a limited attendance continuing education program should contact Margaret Gaddy, University Engagement Manager at the CAS Office (703-276-3100 or mgaddy@casact.org) to be considered for a fee waiver on a case-by-case basis.

Contact the CAS University Engagement Office

See the CAS Professional Education Calendar of Events for information on upcoming CAS educational opportunities.