Guide for Speakers

First... Congratulations and Thank You!

It’s a privilege and an honor to speak at a CAS professional education seminar or meeting.

  • Speaking at a CAS seminar or meeting is also a responsibility... speakers play a critical role in the overall success of the education programming at the event.
  • CAS wants to support your success!

Thank you for agreeing to participate as a CAS speaker. Together we will be able to provide great learning experiences for the people who attend CAS professional education events.

New Speakers should start by submitting a New Speaker Request to establish their account with the CAS.

Conference Expectations

  • CAS members are increasingly demanding more relevant and practical professional education.
  • Regardless whether you are a first-time speaker or have spoken at CAS events for years, you desire sessions that are well received, highly practical and enhance your stature as an expert in your field.

We suggest you read through the entire guidebook (including Expectations and Roles, Preparing for Your Session and Front of the Room available through UCAS before beginning to design and develop your session.

If after reading this material you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Nora Potter, CAS Director of Professional Education.

To access, the 7-part speaker resource microlearning series, please go to UCAS (requires login). The videos are available at no charge.

Speakers Toolkit: Summary of Speakers Guidebook

Additional Powerpoint and Presentation Skills Resources

Complimentary Technical Speaker Webinars

Login to the UCAS and search for “speaker” in the search bar. It will bring you to two complimentary webinars that are part of the “How to be an Engaging Technical Speaker” Webinar Series.