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Qualified Country Registration Fee Discount Program

The CAS is committed to offering convenient and affordable continuing education to the global actuarial community. To satisfy our goal of providing services with a global perspective, UCAS will continue to offer resources with an international focus from our past meetings, seminars, webinars and interactive online education.

The CAS is pleased to offer a measure designed to provide financial assistance to eligible applicants of qualified countries, who wish to purchase UCAS educational offerings.

CAS UCAS Registration Fee Discount Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Assistance Qualified Country Discount, you must reside in one of the countries on this list:

List of Assistance Qualified Country Discount Countries

Discount Code

If you are a current resident of one of the countries in the list above, please fill out this form to receive the discount code during the purchase of your UCAS courses.

Discount Code Form

Feel free to contact Nora Potter, Professional Education Manager, with any questions.