Volunteering as a Candidate

Volunteering as a Candidate

Volunteerism is a core value of the CAS, and about one-third of CAS members volunteer for the organization each year. CAS candidates have increasingly expressed an interest contributing as volunteers too, and there are a number of ways that candidates can serve as volunteers. Candidates should check with their employer to make sure they support the time commitment for volunteer activities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Candidate Liaison Committee

This Committee’s main focus is to keep the lines of communication open between the people making the decisions for the CAS and candidates who are deeply impacted by those decisions. Candidate representatives contribute an important perspective to the work of the committee. Representatives are selected through an application process conducted every summer.

University Liaisons

University Liaisons help the CAS meet its objective to increase our presence on college campuses through a variety of suggested activities. Liaisons typically work with the schools they graduated from, or schools near their current employers. See the complete announcement for more information.

New Member Committee

The New Members Committee is responsible for effectively integrating new members into the CAS, and for ensuring that new member perspectives are readily available to CAS committees and CAS leadership.

Future Fellows Community Blog Contributor

Share your perspective with fellow candidates by writing for the Future Fellows community blog. The CAS welcomes candidates to participate in providing blog content as one-time guest bloggers or regular contributors.


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