Fellow Membership

Applying for Membership as a Fellow

Current Associate

If you are a current Associate in good standing with the CAS, no additional application is necessary for Fellowship. An Associate becomes a Fellow and may begin using the FCAS designation immediately upon official notification of successful completion of all Fellowship requirements as prescribed by the Board of Directors. The CAS president will send new Fellows an official confirmation letter.

  • Please log in to your CAS profile and update any information that may have changed. If your name has changed since the time you became an Associate, please use the name change form below and attach supporting documentation showing your legal name change.

New Fellows will be officially recognized at the CAS Spring or Annual Meeting. Details will be provided in the letter from the CAS President.

Not an Associate

If you are not currently a member of the CAS but have completed all requirements for Fellowship and your credits for all the requirements are recorded with the CAS, you may apply for Fellowship.

Verify Exam Status

Applications must be submitted and received by the first Wednesday of each month, for processing by the second Wednesday of each month. The FCAS designation cannot be used until your membership application has been approved. CAS reserves the right to process applications off-cycle as time permits.

Apply Now

All CAS members are bound by the CAS Constitution, CAS Bylaws, and the CAS Code of Professional Conduct.