University Outreach Resources

The University Engagement Committee (UEC) has resources available to support Regional Affiliates with their student outreach activities and events. From assistance promoting scholarships and student events, to providing presentation templates and materials to distribute to students, there are a number of resources available.

CAS University Liaison Presentations

  • Introductory P&C Actuarial Career Presentation
  • Basic Ratemaking: Overall Rate Level Indication Considerations for Personal Lines
  • Property and Casualty Reinsurance Pricing
  • Basic Reserving Presentation
  • Predictive Analytics and Your Career
  • Resume and Interview Tips

Student Materials:

  • Information for Distribution - CAS Student Central Infographic Handout and Future Fellows Issues.
  • CAS Student Central Giveaways - Pens, post-it notes, cups, and more!
  • Please send requests at least two weeks in advance through the following form.

University Programs

The CAS University Engagement Committee has a number of programs and communication vehicles to assist you in identifying contacts at universities and sharing information.

University Liaison Program: This program connects CAS members with 330 universities to provide direct support to academics and actuarial students. You are welcome to reach out to the University Liaisons for their support or guidance in sharing information with particular schools. You can access the list of schools participating in the University Liaison Program on the CAS website.

Academic Central Program: The CAS offers a free membership program for professors teaching actuarial science or related courses. There are more than 350 academics participating as members of Academic Central.

Student Central Program: The CAS offers a student membership program designed to provide university students with the tools and expertise to make the transition from the classroom to a career as a casualty actuary. There is a dedicated website,, where you can direct students interested in becoming members. We currently have 8,000 members from over 500 universities.


Tamar Gertner, CAS Director of Engagement,
Margaret Kerr, CAS Marketing and Communications Coordinator,