Exams 1 and 2

Exams 1 and 2

Obtaining credit for these basic education requirements from the CAS is detailed below and in each individual exam syllabi.

How to Obtain Credit for Exams 1 and 2

Credit can be obtained for these exams by taking the exams of one of the following organizations:

The CAS also recognizes the exam waivers granted by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries University Accreditation Program for Exams 1 and 2.

See the CAS waivers policy for further information.

To obtain examination credit for Exams 1 and 2 by passing exams administered by the SOA, contact the Administrative and Customer Support Department (ACS) at acs@casact.org. Please provide a copy of your SOA transcript and a completed Exam Status Changes Form.

For other credit options you must first sit for a CAS exam, which will establish your exam record. After that please contact the appropriate actuarial society and have them email your transcript to casexams@casact.org.

If a candidate does not see their results online or are missing credit for one of the above exams in verify your exam status then they need to fill out the Exam Status Changes Form. The ACS will verify and update the candidate’s record.