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Note: If a candidate observes a religious or national holiday during the exam window, CAS can extend their window by the number of holiday dates observed - up to a maximum of 4 days at the end of the exam window.
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Oct. 28, 2024 11:59 pm
Beginning in 2024, the CAS will no longer have exam registration deadlines for Exams MAS-I, MAS-II, and 5-9. Any exams purchased after the refund deadline will be nonrefundable. Note: Pearson Vue requires appointments be made 48 hours prior to exam.
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$680 for full-time students. Refund deadline is April 8, 2024.

NEW October/November 2024 Content Outline Materials

October/November 2024 Content Outline
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Why was Exam 6-International created?

The CAS is:

  • developing this new exam in response to the needs of members, prospective members, and the holistic marketplace.
  • making the content specific to the regulatory scheme where you will ultimately practice as an actuary.
  • making an investment to support its global community by offering a new exam that will provide an opportunity for candidates to acquire the skills and knowledge to become an expert in international accounting standards and solvency regulations.
Will this be a constructed response exam, like the other upper-level exams?

Yes, this exam will be 4-hour constructed response exam.

When does October/November registration open?

Registration for Exam 6-International will open in mid-July.

Will Exam 6-International be offered via computer-based testing through Pearson VUE?

Yes, this exam will be offered via computer-based testing with our partners Pearson VUE.

  • Our Partnership with Pearson VUE has expanded our testing centers for candidates, including testing locations in the following cities/states:
    • Bangkok, Bangalore, Beijing, Chengdu, Dubai, Guangzhou, Ipoh, Islamabad, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Mumbai, New Delhi, Penang, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Tokyo, and many others.
  • A full list of test centers can be found on the Pearson VUE/CAS website.
What Study Materials will be needed for Exam 6-International?
Will the Supplemental Readings included on the syllabus be covered on the Exam?

No, the supplemental readings will not be covered on the exam, but rather are included to provide you with additional information that may be relevant for your career.

Is Exam 6-International only for Candidates outside of North America?

While Exam 6-International was created to afford international candidates the opportunity to take an exam that more closely aligned with their day-to-day work, anyone interested in working in the international marketplace could benefit from the material covered on this exam. The exam seeks to expand knowledge of international markets and provide practical information on various regulatory systems.

Why would a candidate practicing outside of North America take this exam instead of 6-United States or 6-Canada?
  • Any candidate working outside of the United States or Canada who does not intend to work in those markets would benefit from the material covered on Exam 6-International. This exam will provide an international candidate with material covering a wide array of regulatory systems and International Financial Reporting Standards used outside of the United States and Canada, including IFRS 17, Solvency II, Takaful (Islamic) regulations, and regulations specific to China.
What process did the CAS use to ensure Exam 6-International is a quality examination?
  • The CAS has spent over three years finding, researching, and creating the necessary information for this international regulatory exam. Our senior leadership in tandem with university professors and international industry leaders have worked to ensure that this exam in not only relevant to international actuarial candidates but also meets the rigorous standards of all our other CAS exams.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure that the questions fall within the scope of the Syllabus materials. The goal was to produce an examination that contains representative, high-quality questions that test candidates' knowledge of the material. The wording of each question is considered carefully to eliminate possible ambiguities. Preliminary versions of each examination are thoroughly reviewed in relation to all these factors before the final examination is approved.
Will Exam 6-International be accepted for country-specific credentials?
  • As Exam 6-International is a new exam, it has not yet been approved by the NAIC for actuaries who want to sign US Statements of Actuarial Opinion. Candidates who wish to qualify for signing US Statements of Actuarial Opinion should plan to sit for Exam 6-United States.
  • Those passing Exam 6-International will still enjoy the recognition and prestige that comes with our designations.

If you have any questions that are not addressed here please submit your questions to Dustin Larson at dlarson@casact.org.

Beginning in 2024, the CAS will no longer have exam registration deadlines for Exams MAS-I, MAS-II, and 5-9. Any exams purchased after the refund deadline will be non-refundable.

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