Leadership and Staff

CAS staff and volunteer leaders partner to fulfill the Casualty Actuarial Society's mission and strategic plan.

CAS Leadership

Board of Directors
The Society's governing body is the 18-member Board of Directors.
Executive Council
The Executive Council, consisting of the president, president-elect, six vice presidents and CEO, coordinate the activities of the CAS as directed by the Board of Directors.
Office and Staff
The Society is supported by a professional staff, with an office in Arlington, Virginia. An Organizational Chart shows the complete structure of the CAS.
CAS members vote annually to elect the president-elect and new members of the Board of Directors, and to impact various issues concerning the Society's bylaws and governance as needed.
CAS members volunteer across the full range of CAS activities, including education and examinations, continuing education, research, publications, and international outreach.

CAS Organizational Chart