Volunteer as a University Liaison

University Liaison Program Volunteers Needed

In support of the CAS Strategic Plan, the CAS has an objective to increase its presence on college campuses, and the University Liaison Program, with the help of CAS volunteers, can help meet that objective. You know that the CAS is a great organization. Let's make sure that students know that, too.

Role of University Liaisons

University Liaisons typically work with the schools they graduated from, or schools near their current employers. Liaisons are encouraged to pursue the following activities with their schools:

Campus Visits

  • Make a presentation to students about pursuing a career as a casualty actuary through the CAS; a library of off-the-shelf presentations on introductory P/C topics is available to assist liaisons.
  • Provide guidance in course selection for an actuarial career.
  • Alert students to information available on the casact.org website.
  • Inform students about the CAS Trust Scholarship Program, The Actuarial Foundation Actuarial Diversity Scholarship, and other scholarships available (BeAnActuary.org is a good source).
  • Distribute materials to students (e.g., Future Fellows, the flyer on CAS basic education system, and CAS-branded items). The CAS Office can provide these materials in advance of your presentation.
  • Recruit speakers to give presentations at classes, math or actuarial club meetings, or career fairs.

Talk With Students on an Individual Basis

  • Be available via phone or email to answer questions about the career, the exam process, or a CAS syllabus reading.
  • Provide guidance on internship opportunities and entry level positions.
  • Invite students to visit your workplace.
  • Encourage students to network with industry professionals.

Advise the University

  • Help create and stock an actuarial reference corner at the university; the CAS may be able to provide some materials such as study kits and textbooks.
  • Encourage faculty members to join the Academic Central and take advantage of its benefits.
  • Educate faculty members on how university courses align with the CAS's program of basic education.
  • Monitor the CAS's accreditation of the university's courses eligible for Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) and facilitate updating where necessary.
  • Advise the university on setting up an actuarial curriculum.
  • Review course descriptions and provide consulting on the direction of the school's actuarial science program.
  • Alert students to CAS or CAS regional affiliate meetings occurring nearby and coordinate attendance.

Liaisons are encouraged to creatively explore with academic contacts other possibilities that can advance school curriculum and the actuarial profession. This is an ideal opportunity for New Associates and New Fellows to give back to the CAS by developing relationships with students and academics.

University Liaison Email List

An e-mail discussion list has been established to facilitate the sharing of ideas among liaisons. In addition, meetings for program participants will be held during the CAS Spring and Annual Meetings to provide a forum for discussing experiences and success stories.

Volunteer Today!

Volunteer Today! If you are interested in working with a particular school, or if you have an existing relationship with a school but are not already part of the program, please contact Margaret Gaddy, CAS University Engagement Manager.