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Our dedicated and talented volunteers inspire a culture of trust and support that is unparalleled in the actuarial community.


The CAS University Liaison Program was established in 1999 and has grown to over 200 CAS members who have volunteered to be liaisons to colleges and universities. The program is managed by the University Engagement Committee, and matches CAS members with a university to provide academics and students direct support and guidance from a practicing P&C actuary. The program helps facilitate the partnership between the academic community and the actuarial profession.

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Approximately 200 schools and growing participate in the University Liaison Program.

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The University Engagement Committee is constantly recruiting for additional University Liaisons and welcomes members to volunteer as liaisons to any schools that they have a desire to work with. Learn more about becoming a liaison and check out the list of schools that need a UL.

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CAS University Liaisons have access to the marketing, education, and presentation materials available in the CAS University Liaison Online Community.

  • Six off-the-shelf CAS PowerPoint presentations that University Liaisons can use when visiting schools to give presentations to students. You can present the PowerPoint presentations in their original format or customize them to better fit your own presentation style or allotted time. We welcome your feedback on the presentations and any additions to the library from among presentations you have used in the past and wish to contribute.

The presentations were created specifically for a student audience and cover the following topics.

Any CAS member is welcome to utilize the presentations; if you are not a University Liaison and would like to access the presentations, please contact Margaret Kerr.

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If you are interested in learning more about the program please contact Margaret Kerr, University Engagement Manager.

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