Exam 6T-Regulation and Financial Reporting(Taipei)

In the 2011 transition to a revised basic education structure, learning objectives from the 2010 nation-specific exams were mapped to both the new Exam 6 on Regulation and Financial Reporting and new Online Course 2 on Insurance Accounting, Coverage Analysis, Insurance Law, and Insurance Regulation. Because the AICT continues to cover material from both new Exam 6 and new Online Course 2, candidates who have passed both AICT Exams 6GA3 and 6GB3 will be granted credit for both CAS Exam 6-Taiepi and Online Course 2.

For details on the administration of the AICT examinations, please download the PDF.

Website in Chinese:

• Exam information: http://www.airc.org.tw/exam/202

• Past exam linage: http://www.airc.org.tw/exam/download

Applying for CAS Exam Credit

If a candidate has passed both parts of the AICT nation-specific exam (current AICT Exams 6GA3 and 6GB3) after January 1, 2010, then the candidate may apply for exam credit with the CAS. To receive credit for CAS Exam 6-Taipei and Online Course 2, the candidate should submit a written request to the Administrative and Customer Support (ACS) department (acs@casact.org). The request must include the candidate’s full legal name, contact information (including mailing address and telephone number), date of birth, and the administration (month/year of exam) that each of the AICT nation-specific exam parts was passed. The Administrative and Customer Support department will verify the exam information with the AICT and then update the candidate’s record to reflect the credit as appropriate.

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