Associate Membership

Applying for Membership as an Associate

Questions about the Associate application process can be directed to CAS Director of Administrative and Customer Support Danelle Gee.

The following requirements must be met to apply for Associateship in the Casualty Actuarial Society:

Verify Exam Status

Once your credits for all requirements are recorded with the CAS, you may apply for membership. Please note that you must submit your VEE requirements to the Society of Actuaries for processing and verification, which may take time.

Applications must be submitted and received by the first Wednesday of each month, for processing by the second Wednesday of each month. The ACAS designation cannot be used until your membership application has been approved. CAS reserves the right to process applications off-cycle as time permits.

If the Online Course Credit is Your Last Credit

If you are missing Online Course credits as your last requirement for Associateship, you may submit your unofficial grade report issued by the Institutes along with your application in the form below.

Please note this will make your applications contingent, pending confirmation of a PASS grade once the Online Course files have been received by the CAS Admissions Department. This is the only circumstance in which the CAS will accept unofficial grade reports for Online Courses. CPCU credits or other waivers offered by the Institutes are not accepted.

Application deadlines for formal recognition ceremonies are as follows:

  • Spring Meeting – the third week of March
  • Annual Meeting – the third week of August

Membership Application

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All CAS members are bound by the CAS Constitution, CAS Bylaws, and the CAS Code of Professional Conduct.