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Resources for New Members

Attending your first CAS Meeting
Everything new FCAS and ACAS need to know for attending Annual and Spring Meetings to be recognized.

Continuing Education
A guide to continuing education requirements and options from the CAS.

CAS CE Cheat Sheet
Are you curious about what actuarial qualification standard you need to comply with? The qualification standard depends on where your actuarial services are used. Download the CAS CE Cheat Sheet.
Canadian Institute of Actuaries Cheat Sheet
All members of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) are required to comply with the CIA’s Qualification Standard Requirements for Continuing Professional Development.
New Member Award
An award is made annually to one or more members of the CAS who have made significant volunteer contributions within five years of their most recent credential. Learn how to nominate someone.

New Member Questions

1. When will I find out if I've been accepted as a new member?

If your applications materials are received by the deadline, you will be notified within approximately 1-2 weeks. This time will vary depending on the time of year. Please check the CAS website for your specific application deadline.

2. Do I need to fulfill continuing education requirements my first year as a member?

Yes. As soon as you have been accepted as a member, you need to fulfill continuing education requirements. Note that if you receive passing exam results in December and officially become a member the following spring, you must fulfill your requirements the year you become a member, not the year in which you passed the exam.

3. Do I need to pay dues my first year as a member?

Yes, you will need to pay dues beginning in the year you officially become a member. You will receive an email notification, dues should be paid on an annual basis by the end of each year. Dues payments are due upon receipt.

4. What is the CAS Online Community?

The CAS Online Community is a private social network created to foster networking and collaboration between CAS members, candidates, and others with an interest in the CAS.

5. What can I do in the online community?
  • Find and network with other members and candidates
  • Manage and maintain your online CAS profile
  • Participate in discussions with other members of the community
  • Access information on the CAS Committees on which you serve
  • And much more!

Volunteering Questions

1. How do I sign up for a committee?

The Volunteer Interest and Participation (VIP) Survey comes out every July. This is an easy way to learn about all of the existing committees and to let the committee chairperson know of your interest. If you missed the Participation Survey or you don't want to wait that long, please contact Shelby Wolff( or Mikey Bevarelli (, and they would be happy to help you get involved!

2. Can Associates volunteer on CAS committees?

Yes! We definitely desire and welcome your involvement! (Note that the Exam Committee is limited to Fellows, but there are many other committees who need you.) Remember, joining a committee and volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people.

3. How many committees should / can I sign up for? Do I have to join a committee?

Joining a committee is not required of members, but there are excellent benefits to the member and the CAS that come from volunteering. There is no limit to the number of committees on which you serve. Each member knows their own work load and how much time he/she has to devote to committee work. The CAS does not want committee work to be a detriment to your work load.

4. What is the time commitment for CAS committees?

Every committee is different and requires a different time commitment. However, at a minimum, most committees hold conference calls (typically an hour in length) several times a year. Additional work/time may be required, depending on the activities of the committee. If a committee sounds interesting to you, simply contact Shelby Wolff ( and he would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Meeting Questions

1. How many people attend the meetings?

Typically anywhere between 1,000 – 1,400 people attend the CAS or Annual Meeting. On rare special occasions, like the CAS Centennial Celebration in 2014, attendance was over 2,000 people.

2. Do I need to register for the concurrent sessions prior to the meeting?

No, you need to register to attend the meeting, but you do not register for concurrent session. You simply choose which sessions you want to attend while you're at the meeting. Seating in each session is on a first come, first seated basis. See the Attending Your First CAS Meeting video.

3. How are new members recognized at the meeting?

New Associates: There is a New Associates reception on Sunday evening for all new associates and their spouse/guests. There will be light refreshments and a chance to meet the other new Associates. The CAS President will welcome you to the CAS as a group. All new Associates will stand as a group to be recognized in the Celebration of New Members session Monday morning. Your spouse/guests are also invited to attend the Celebration of New Members session. See the Attending Your First CAS Meeting video.

New Fellows: New Fellows will walk across the stage, individually, at the Celebration of New Members session Monday morning. They will each shake the CAS President's hand and receive a fake certificate. The real certificates are mailed to each member's home address. Group pictures of all new Fellows will be taken immediately after this session (prior to the start of the Business Session). A reception for new Fellows and their spouse/guests is held Monday evening. There will be light refreshments and a chance to meet the CAS President, CAS Board Members, and other new Fellows. Individual pictures with the CAS President are taken during this reception. Your spouse/guests are invited to attend the Celebration of New Members session. See the Attending Your First CAS Meeting video.

4. Can I bring guests to the meeting/reception? Am I limited to one guest?

All new Associates and Fellows will be provided two complimentary tickets for you and a guest to attend your recognition reception. A limited supply of tickets is available for purchase if you wish to bring additional guests. To purchase additional guest tickets for your recognition reception, email

There will be no limit to the number of guests you bring to the Celebration of New Members on Monday morning.

5. Is there a speaker at the reception?

There is a brief welcome given at the New Associates reception, but the majority of the reception is meant for you to meet other new Associates and celebrate your accomplishment with your guest(s). A more extended welcome address is given at the Celebration for New Members session on Monday morning.

6. Will there be food at the reception?

Yes, light refreshments will be provided at the New Associates and New Fellows receptions. See the Attending Your First CAS Meeting video.

7. Will I get my picture taken with the president?

All new Associates and new Fellows will be in group pictures with the CAS President. Pictures are included in the next Actuarial Review issue. New Fellows also have an opportunity to get an individual picture taken with the CAS President during the New Fellows reception on Monday evening. Pictures are printed and available for you to pick up the next day in the Registration area. See the Attending Your First CAS Meeting video.

8. Do I receive my certificate at the meeting?

No, all certificates are mailed to each member's home address. Certificate should arrive 1 – 4 weeks after the meeting. If you do not receive your certificate inquire at

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For volunteer related questions, please contact Shelby (

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