Academic Central Program

About Academic Central

The Academic Central program is for non-members who are involved in teaching actuarial science, mathematics, economics, business, or related courses, and who have an interest in the activities of the Casualty Actuarial Society. There is no membership fee.

Educators are welcome to register as Academic Central members by completing a brief online application.


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Academic Central Benefits

CAS Publications

CAS publications that are sent to members of Academic Central include: the Actuarial Review (a bi-monthly magazine), Future Fellows (a quarterly student newsletter) and Variance (a scientific journal).

Access to Publishing Opportunities

Members of Academic Central may submit papers to Variance and the E-Forum. Variance is the semi-annual peer-reviewed publication of the CAS while the E-Forum is a non-refereed electronic journal that provides a means of immediate circulation of research papers. Papers published in the Forum may be submitted for further publication in Variance.

Access to Meeting and Seminar Fee Waivers

Members of Academic Central may attend up to three CAS national meetings or seminars per year with registration fees waived. (This does not include Regional Affiliate Meetings. Additionally, please see note regarding fee waivers for limited attendance seminars and workshops.)

Grant Opportunities

The CAS will award a grant to a member of Academic Central's educational institution when the Academic Central member attains a CAS designation ($7,500 for Fellow and $5,000 for Associate).

Online Community

A dedicated section of the CAS website has been established through the Academic Central Online Community with features including a blog, discussion forum, calendar, and file library with resources and information for academics.

Visit the CAS Community

  • Members of Academic Central have access to the CAS Curriculum Guide, a series of five classroom ready CAS Case Studies, and a Property and Casualty Resource Library.
  • Members of Academic Central are invited to receive complimentary CAS Examination Study Kits that relate to subjects they teach.
  • Complimentary access to CAS Webinars.
  • Access to portions of University of CAS content.
Mentoring Opportunities

The CAS has established a University Liaison Program whereby CAS members are matched with Academic Central members to provide them an individual contact with a practicing actuary.


Academic Central members are sent notices of meetings, announcements of call paper programs, and other CAS correspondence.

It should be noted that Academic Central does not bestow upon a non-member the professional status attained by those fulfilling the examination and other requirements for membership in the CAS, nor does it grant to the individual or the participating organization recognition in the regular membership roster of the CAS or privileges of membership other than specified above.

Additional Information

If you are interested in learning more about the program, or have suggestions, questions, or comments, please contact Margaret Gaddy, University Engagement Manager, at the CAS Office (703-276-3100 or