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Thank You for Following #ActuariesinTECH

We hope you have enjoyed following along with the hashtag #ActuariesinTECH this July. Throughout the month, we highlighted our members working in the tech space and their unique innovations in both big tech and the startup space. This campaign is the fourth in our “Actuaries in…” series, following #ActuariesinCOMMUNITY, #ActuariesinMUSIC and #ActuariesinPOP.

The technological industry has never been more important, along with the need for actuaries. Many CAS members are transitioning from traditional roles to untraditional ones, such as leadership positions at large technology companies or startups. Over the course of the past month, we featured our very own actuaries in tech on LinkedIn, Instagram,Facebook, Twitter and the CAS Roundtable Blog:

If you missed the campaign, feel free to look back at all the wonderful work our members do using the hashtag #ActuariesinTECH.