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Casualty Actuaries of Europe (CAE) Fall 2022 Meeting Minutes and Presentations

The CAE resumed in-person conferences with the Fall 2022 meeting on Friday, October 6th at SCOR’s new office in Zurich, Switzerland. 56 people registered for the event in person and 29 more online. You can contact the CAS who will retain a copy of the list of the attendees, if required for your local CPD/CE records.
We are very grateful to the participants for their active participation and to the speakers for their engaging presentations in our first in-person meeting in 3 years.

The event was held with a focus on networking and interactivity during the sessions. This was certainly the case as numerous coffee breaks were included in the agenda, along with a guided tour of the new SCOR facilities during lunchtime. SCOR generously sponsored the event, providing conference rooms and catering lunch for all attendees. 

Speakers employed a variety of techniques such as trivia, quizzing, open discussions and even game show format presentations to keep the audience engaged with each other. Topics presented included IFRS 17, Bayesian Networks in Machine Learning, Professionalism and Challenging actuaries to move past traditional reserving techniques. We also heard from the winner of the 2022 SCOR Actuarial Prize. 
As all good things must come to an end, we closed the conference on a bittersweet moment, thanking our out-going European Liaison, Frank Cuypers for his 15+ years of volunteerism with the CAE. We will miss you, Frank! 
The sessions were as follows:

Welcome (SCOR + CAE)
Philipp Arbenz (SCOR), Jeff Courchene (CAE Committee)
CAS Update
Justin Brenden – CAS Board of Directors
Bayesian Neural Network Perspectives for Actuarial Engineering
Aurélien Couloumy (CCR)
Sarayyah Baksh (CAE Committee)
Sue Dreksler (KPMG)
SCOR Actuarial Award Winner Presentation
On the problem of parameter and model uncertainty in risk management 

Léonard Vincent (UNIL)
Why the hell do we still stick to Chain-Ladder and Bornhuetter-Ferguson?
René Dahms (SUVA)
Closing Remarks and Appreciation Token to Frank Cuypers 
Jeff Courchene (CAE Committee)


First, we would like to welcome our two new members to the CAE committee. Stephanie Akroyd joins as Secretary/Treasurer based in Zurich and Even Meier joins as European Liaison also based in Zurich. We look forward to working with our new committee members to continue providing high-quality events to our members. 
Secondly, we’d like to put a call out for 2023 and 2024 venues as we hope to resume our semi-annual in-person conference schedule. Anyone willing to host an event in 2023 or 2024 should please contact a committee member. Please let us know if you can help. More information will follow. As for all of our events, anyone willing to give a presentation should please contact a committee member.

On behalf of the CAE Committee: 
Kendra Felisky,  President (London) 
Sarayyah Baksh, Vice President (Paris) 
Stephanie Akroyd, Secretary / Treasurer (Zurich) 
Even Meier, European Liaison (Zurich) 
Jeffrey A. Courchene, Past President (Munich/London)