CAS Releases Results of Career and Workplace Survey

Today CAS released results from a comprehensive survey of members of CAS Student Central, the CAS’s membership program for university students, to provide insight into virtual recruitment practices. The survey, released in infographic form, provides key information for actuarial hiring managers, candidate program coordinators, and recruiters about the career preferences for the actuarial talent pipeline. The survey pulls on responses from 362 participants from 105 universities and covers a variety of recruitment topics, including recruitment in a virtual world, what students are seeking from employers in the current environment, and more.
Below are some highlights from the survey findings:

  • Students are heavily involved in virtual interviewing. Of the survey respondents, 60% had completed a virtual interview in the last 12 months, and 45% had completed five or more virtual interviews in the last year.
  • The virtual interview process can be improved. Almost half of participants preferred live to prerecorded interviews and mentioned they would have preferred better communication from employers both before and after the interview – as well as more time with interviewers.Students are interested in academic year internships. Eighty percent of participants indicated interest in participating in a part-time internship during the academic year, if offered by employers.
  • Student interns are seeking valuable work assignments and access to mentors. These ranked among the top factors in evaluating internships, along with opportunities for full-time employment.
  • Students are seeing benefits from virtual career fairs. Fifty-nine percent attended a virtual career fair this past calendar year, and over half found the experience to be equal to or better than an in-person career fair.
  • Students value transparency and accountability in DE&I initiatives. Representation in leadership, commitment to diversity and organizational accountability were among the top aspects of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) valued in potential employers.
  • Career fairs and campus presentations are still the best ways to reach recruits. Participations at career fairs and presentations on campus still ranked as the top attention-grabbing recruitment strategies for potential employers.

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