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CAS Announces Series of ATP Initiatives

With the spring exam administration closing and summer nearing, we recognize that it may be difficult to stay informed about updates being implemented through our Admissions Transformation Plan (ATP), so we are providing multiple updates at this time. Some of these updates directly impact the October/November 2023 administration, while others will take effect in 2024 and beyond.

Announcements at a glance:

Announcing New Property and Casualty Predictive Analytics (PCPA) Requirement

  • The CAS is launching a new predictive analytics requirement for ACAS starting with the October/November 2025 administration. The new requirement will have an examination and project component. The project, which is being created by a team of experienced actuaries who specialize in predictive analytics in partnership with Pearson VUE and The Institutes, will utilize innovative predictive modeling techniques to help candidates and professionals in the actuarial field to gain a deeper understanding of key concepts and improve their predictive capabilities. Read more.

Introducing Exam Breaks for Improved Candidate Experience

  • The CAS is pleased to announce the introduction of exam breaks during our four-hour exams, starting with the October/November 2023 exam administration. All candidates for all CAS exams will now have a 15-minute break during their exam. This new initiative is designed to enhance the performance and well-being of all exam takers, by providing them with an opportunity to rest and recharge during their exams. Read more.

Introducing New Item Types

  • The October/November 2023 exams will include new item types. Previously, Exams MAS-I and MAS-II contained multiple choice, single response question types and Exam 5 contained constructed response and spreadsheet question types. The new item types include multiple selection, point and click, fill in the blank, and enhanced matching for these three exams. Read more.

Launching New Content Outlines for Exams 7 and 9

  • The CAS is pleased to announce the publication of the new Content Outlines (formerly referred to as Syllabi) for Exams 7 and 9. The content outlines enable candidates to prepare for the new exams. Candidates preparing for the May 2024 sitting of Exams 7 and 9 should refer to these new content outlines. Read more.

Please be sure to frequent the updated Admissions Transformation Plan webpage to view the most up-to-date ATP news in real-time as we move through this transformation. If you have any questions or feedback regarding these announcements, please reach out to