Actuarial Considerations Regarding Risk Return In Property-Casualty Insurance Pricing

Actuarial Considerations Regarding Risk And Return In Property-Casualty Insurance Pricing

Chapter authors cover P&C insurance topics topics ranging from legal perspectives and cash flow models to rate of return and the cost of capital.

© 1999. Casualty Actuarial Society.

by Oakley E. Van Slyke

  1. The Legal Perspective: Appropriate Profit Margins in Property & Casualty Insurance Rates
    Judith Mintel
  2. Fundamental Building Blocks of Insurance Profitability Measurement
    Russell E. Bingham
  3. Introduction to the Discounted Cash Flow Approach
    Stephen P. D'Arcy, FCAS
  4. Cash Flow Models In Ratemaking: A Reformulation Of Myers-Cohn NPV and IRR Models For Equivalency
    Russell E. Bingham
  5. Rate of Return
    Frank D. Pierson, FCAS
  6. Investment-Equivalent Reinsurance Pricing
    Rodney Kreps, FCAS, MAAA, PhD
  7. Theoretical Premiums For Property and Casualty Insurance Coverage - A Risk-Sensitive, Total Return Approach
    Ira Robbin
  8. Insurance Profitability
    Charles L. McClenahan, FCAS, ASA, MAAA
  9. The Confirmed Operating Return Approach
    Judith Mintel
  10. The Profit Provision
    Charles F. Toney II, FCAS
  11. The Cost of Capital: An Axiomatic Approach
    Oakley E. Van Slyke, FCAS, ASA, MAAA