New ACAS Members – Attestation & CE Requirements

Congratulations on becoming an ACAS member!

New members must provide their attestation during their ACAS application. New members are not automatically granted a waiver of the CAS CE requirements. Unless members follow the Canadian, Hong Kong or Australian CPD standards, they must attest right away and meet CE requirements.

Clause 6 of the CAS CE policy states that new members will first certify their compliance with the CE policy at the end of the calendar year during which they are admitted as members and are not required to earn CE credits in the year of admission unless it is required to by the Recognized National Standard they are following. The U.S. Qualification Standard requires CE credits earlier.

For members following the US Qualification Standard, hours spent studying to meet basic education can be applied towards your CE requirement if earned in the year prior to issuing SAOs:

2.2.3 Initial Year of Applicability — Hours spent meeting the basic education and experience requirement may be applied toward the continuing education requirement if earned in the year prior to issuing the Statement of Actuarial Opinion.

2.2.6 … “Other activities” include, but are not limited to, reading actuarial literature, statutes, or regulations; reading other books, papers, or articles on relevant technical or professional topics; writing professional papers or articles; listening to recordings of actuarial meetings or other relevant seminars or conferences; relevant in-house meetings; studying for actuarial exams; drafting actuarial exam questions; or preparing to speak or lead a discussion at a continuing education activity.


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