Introducing CC’ME — Casual Conversations with Meaningful Engagement!

illustration of arms of various skin tones holding up blank speech bubbles of various colorsThe CAWG is kicking off a new series in Future Fellows with the goal of taking your questions and answering them in each issue. To get us started we took a question that has come up recently as the CAS is enhancing its exams through the Admissions Transformation Plan (ATP). We invite you to send us your questions by emailing All questions will be posted anonymously and answered by members of the CAWG.

Q: Where is the best place to learn about exam changes and updates?
A: The CAS has a dedicated webpage for all of the latest news and information related to the Admissions Transformation Plan (ATP). The web address is and the webpage is updated as new information is released. The information hub also includes a timeline with the major milestones that candidates can expect in the coming years.