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CAS News, Membership / Notices to Members
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The new Variance Journal website is now live! A list of frequently asked questions is available in the About section of the website.
Membership / Notices to Members, Volunteer
The CAS Exam Committee is in need of volunteers. Current openings are for question writers for both MAS and upper-level exams.
CAS News, Exams & Admissions
Nearly 370 insurance industry professionals recently earned their Associateship (ACAS) or Fellowship (FCAS) credentials from the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) by passing examinations given during the CAS’s May 2021 exam sitting.
CAS News, Membership / Notices to Members, Publications & Research
The Society of Actuaries’ Committee on Knowledge Extension Research and the Casualty Actuarial Society announce the 2022 Individual Grant Competition to support the advancement of knowledge in actuarial science.
CAS News, Membership / Notices to Members, Publications & Research
As part of our continued efforts to improve our digital and online presence, the CAS has chosen ScholasticaHQ as our new journal hosting site. With this transition, the CAS recommits its efforts to the mission of Variance, “to be a significant player in the larger scientific community.”
CAS News, Membership / Notices to Members
Many CAS members have expressed concerns to senior leadership regarding a recent email that sought to influence their vote on the CAS Bylaws proposal that is on the 2021 CAS elections ballot. The email contained misstatements, and we believe it is important to clarify those misstatements.
Membership / Notices to Members
The American Academy of Actuaries’ Committee on Qualifications (COQ) has approved the release of a second exposure draft of the Qualification Standards for Actuaries Issuing Statements of Actuarial Opinion in the United States (USQS), and comments are invited.
In advance of voting on the CAS Bylaws Proposal in conjunction with the CAS elections in August, CAS President Jessica Leong has shared this brief video message with the CAS Community.
CAS News, Membership / Notices to Members
The Board of Directors is proposing changes to the CAS Constitution and Bylaws to streamline the governance of the Society. Fellows will be asked to vote on the changes in conjunction with the 2021 CAS elections in August. In putting the proposals on the ballot, the Board is recommending that the Fellows vote in favor of the amendments.

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