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Variance Papers Published March 18 - April 28

Two new papers have been published on the Variance website:

"Maximum Likelihood Approaches to Misrepresentation Models in GLM ratemaking: Model Comparisons"
By Michelle Xia, Rexford Akakpo, and Matthew Albaugh

This paper proposes maximum likelihood inference for predictive analytics models of misrepresentation in insurance underwriting, and considers model selection concerning risk factors in ratemaking models and latent structures on misrepresentation.

"On a Class of Multivariate Mixtures of Gamma Distributions: Actuarial Applications and Estimation Via Stochastic Gradient Methods"
By Yujie Chen, Qifan Song, and Jianxi Su

The authors studied the actuarial applications and estimation for a multivariate model constructed by mixtures of gamma distributions. The model fits well a wide range of multivariate data.