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Recruiting Graders for Spring 2023 Exams!

We are looking for subject matter experts who are familiar with the following CAS Exams:

Exam 5: Basic Ratemaking and Estimating Claims Liabilities
Exam 6U: Regulation and Financial Reporting (United States)
Exam 7: Estimating Liabilities, Valuation, ERM
Exam 9: Financial Risk and Rate of Return

These Exams and Admissions working groups are looking for volunteers to perform the role of Grader this spring. A Grader is someone who has passed the exam and is expected to have a strong understanding of all covered topics for the exam. The Grader may be a top performer from a recent exam sitting or other qualified volunteer. Additionally, a Grader is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Volunteers are expected to attend a grading summit May 23-25, in Atlanta, GA.  Further details will be announced as soon as they’re available. A hybrid grading session is also possible, should the need arise.

If you fit the parameters for qualification and are interested in becoming a grader this spring, please email admissions-volunteer@casact.org by Tuesday, March 28 and specify which exam you’d like to grade for and we can provide you with more information regarding this volunteer opportunity. Also be sure to check out the Exam Writing and Grading FAQs for more information!