For Academics Around the World

The CAS works closely with professors and universities around the world to help prepare future actuaries with the skills they need to make an impact.

We offer a wealth of resources to support educators who are shaping our future actuaries.

Academic Central

Academic Central program is for non-CAS members who are involved in teaching actuarial science, mathematics, economics, business, or related courses, and who have an interest in the activities of the Casualty Actuarial Society.

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Exam Fee Discount Program

Candidates in nearly 150 countries can apply to receive significant discounts on exam fees and study materials.

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Professional Education

The CAS offers a wide range of high-quality professional education programs. Learn more about our in-person and virtual opportunities: The University of CAS (UCAS) is CAS’ online learning center, which hosts a wide variety of webinars, on-demand events, and courses. Significant registration discounts are provided for people residing in nearly 150 countries worldwide. Some of our offerings are available in Chinese, French, and Spanish.

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Research Grants

The CAS offers a number of different research grant opportunities, and international researchers are encouraged to apply for many of them.

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Affiliate Membership

The CAS welcomes Affiliate Members, qualified actuaries who practice in the general insurance field and wish to be active in the CAS, but do not meet the qualifications to become an Associate or Fellow of the CAS.

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Speaking Opportunities

The CAS engages over 500 volunteer presenters at its in person and virtual events each year. Learn more about presenting at a CAS event.

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