Affiliate Membership

The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) has a class of membership, Affiliate, to serve qualified actuaries who practice in the general insurance field and wish to be active in the CAS, but do not meet the qualifications to become an Associate or Fellow of the CAS. Affiliate Membership recognizes that the Affiliate Member has been granted professional status as an actuary by another actuarial organization and practices in the property/casualty field.

Affiliates are governed by the CAS Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Professional Conduct, and are subject to CAS disciplinary procedures (documents may be viewed on the CAS Web Site). Practice rights are not granted to Affiliate Members; rather they must adhere to U.S., Canadian, or other nation specific qualification standards to determine eligibility to practice.

Affiliates are entitled to attend meetings and seminars of the CAS by paying the fees specified for members, participate at Society functions, and serve on CAS committees (except for Admissions and Board committees).

Affiliates receive all CAS publications including Actuarial Review (a quarterly newsletter) and Variance (a scientific journal). They also are granted access to the Member Directory on the CAS Web Site (upon application for a password).

Affiliate members will be assessed annual dues that are 10% of the annual dues for Associates and Fellows.

Affiliate members are not authorized to append CAS initials to their name or to refer to themselves as "Member of the Casualty Actuarial Society."Rather, they can refer to themselves as "Affiliate Member of the CAS" or "Affiliate of the CAS." Affiliates do not have CAS voting rights.

Applicants for Affiliate Membership are required to have their application sponsored by a CAS Fellow who will attest that the applicate is a fit and proper person to be an Affiliate Member of the CAS (i.e. have attained the highest actuarial designation of an organization that is a member of the International Actuarial Association and able to demonstrate significant practice in the property/casualty field). Sponsors should note that they may be contacted by the CAS to verify their attestation.

The requirement for significant practice in the property/casualty field can be met by practice in any application of actuarial science other than life insurance or pensions. If the candidate does not practice outside the life or pension fields on a fulltime basis, significant practice should be demonstrated through recent, responsible actuarial work on several projects, indicating an intention to continue practice outside the life and pension fields.

To apply for Affiliate Membership, please complete the application, and provide documentation as prescribed.