Guidelines for Submission of Monographs

A CAS monograph is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed work on a single aspect of property casualty actuarial science that is primarily educational in nature. It may be a compendium or original research or both. A monograph should be around 10,000 words or more in length.

Who May Submit

Papers are welcomed from anyone regardless of their profession, education, or geographic location. Submissions will be evaluated based upon the merits of the paper and not authorship.

Submission Process

Monographs may be submitted in response to a Call, or may be unsolicited. Please submit your paper through the ScholarOne portal at If you have trouble setting up an account, please contact Donna Royston for help.

Procedure for Reviewing Papers

The members of the Monograph Committee determine the acceptability of the paper by evaluating the recommendations of the designated reviewers. The Committee’s decision will place the paper in one of the following categories:

  1. Accept. The Committee will accept the paper unconditionally.
  2. Accept with suggestions for improvement. The Committee will suggest to the author ways in which the paper may be improved and will ask for affirmative action by the author either to revise the paper or to confirm the original submission.
  3. Revision requested. The Committee will not accept the paper but will provide the author with general suggestions on how to reconstruct the paper to make it acceptable, and invite resubmission.
  4. Reject. The Committee will reject the paper and notify the author of its decision and the reasons for rejection.

Publishing Conventions

All monographs will be published electronically on the CAS website.


After a manuscript has been accepted and before the paper is published, authors are required to sign a CAS Copyright Assignment Agreement form (you will be prompted by ScholarOne and/or the Monographs Editor in Chief). This copyright agreement assigns the CAS exclusive right, title, and interest to the paper, including the right of the CAS to edit the paper and publish the author’s name in connection with the publication of the monograph. The CAS will grant back to the author certain rights under a limited license.