Matthew Rodermund Memorial Service Award

Matthew Rodermund Memorial Service Award

The Matthew Rodermund Memorial Service Award is intended to recognize CAS members who have made significant volunteer contributions to the actuarial profession over the course of a career. The award was established in 1990 in honor of Matt Rodermund's years of volunteer service to the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Volunteer contributions include, but are not limited to: committee involvement, participation in CAS meetings and seminars, volunteer efforts for regional affiliates or special interest sections, and involvement with non-CAS actuarial professional organizations such as the American Academy of Actuaries or the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. Service as an elected CAS officer or director and authorship of Proceedings papers, Forum papers, and Discussion Paper Program papers are not considered. Past presidents are not eligible.

The amount of the Matthew Rodermund Memorial Service Award is currently $1,000. The funding for this award was provided by The Munich American Reinsurance Company.

The nomination window is now open.  Please follow the link to submit your nomination.  All nominations are due on June 23, 2023.

Recipients of the Matthew Rodermund Memorial Service Award

2022 Arlie Proctor and Karen Terry

2021 Rick Gorvett, Leslie Marlo, Robert F. Wolf

2020 John Buchanan, Ann Conway, Ronald T. Kozlowski

2019 Don Mango, Mary D. Miller, and John Purple

2018 Regina Berens and David Oakden

2017 Eugene C. Connell, Rhonda Walker, and Beth E. Fitzgerald

2016 Richard Fein and David Menning

2015 Virginia Prevosto and Shelly Rosenberg

2014 Curtis Gary Dean and Louise Francis

2013 Joanne Spalla and Patrick Woods 

2012 Chuck McClenahan and Debbie Rosenberg

2011 Amy S. Bouska and Stephen W. Philbrick

2010 Glenn Meyers and Gary Venter

2009 Gary S. Patrik and David N. Hafling

2008 David J. Grady and Stephen Makgill

2007 Jeffrey T. Lange and Darrell Ehlert

2006 Richard J. Roth, Sr. and Richard J. Roth, Jr.

2005 Anne E. Kelly

2004 Arthur R. Cadorine

2003 C. Walter Stewart

2002 David Skurnick

2001 James R. Berquist

2000 Charles F. Cook

1999 John H. Muetterties

1998 Richard H. Snader

1997 Paul M. Otteson

1996 Walter J. Fitzgibbon Jr.

1995 Dale A. Nelson

1994 Robert A. Miller III

1993 Robert A. Bailey

1992 Norman J. Bennett

1991 Robert B. Foster