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For general information on volunteering please send an email to

The CAS has a great culture and history of volunteerism and depends very heavily on its volunteers. The Participation Survey is the primary tool used by committee chairpersons to staff their committees. Please take the time to complete the participation survey when it is available.

Your volunteering is good for the CAS, but it’s also good for YOU.

  • Volunteering provides a great opportunity for networking. Working on CAS Committees is a great way to meet other CAS members with similar interests.
  • Serving as a committee member or chair will give you the opportunity to develop interpersonal and time management skills that will benefit you on the job.
  • Many volunteer opportunities offer a chance to become involved in pioneering fields of actuarial practice.
  • Volunteer opportunities can be tailored to meet your particular situation. Your personal interests, available free time, and travel constraints all factor into the committees and roles that will work for you.
  • Geography is not a limitation to your involvement. Participation by members outside the U.S. and Canada is encouraged.
  • If you are looking for short term commitments, those are available as well.

Call for Volunteers: Micro-Learning Task Force

April 9, 2018

Background: The CAS would is in the process of developing micro-learning media: short (seconds to no more than 15 minutes), self-contained, learner-driven, revolving around very specific content. Professional societies and membership organizations are always considering new ways to provide continuing education to their members. Studies have shown that in addition to traditional methods of learning, members desire shorter, low-cost, and often member-driven education. There has been an increased desire to consume education during breaks in a work day or find opportunities that can be easily accessed to quickly address a problem or answer questions.

Task Force: The CAS is looking for 5-7 volunteers to be a part of this new education venture and assist with brainstorming topics, and develop micro-learning content. Desired individuals should have volunteer experience in program planning and/or be familiar with personal/professional online courses (whether web-based, video or webinar). The task force will develop a prototype for testing with the CAS membership within 4-6 months. The task force will work with staff to develop and outline micro-learning content, find subject matter experts if needed, and develop the content to be distributed in the University of CAS.

The estimated time commitment is 20 hours over 4-6 months. The task force will meet approximately 1-2 times a month via teleconference and have other relevant discussion via email.

If you are interested in joining this task force, please contact Nora Potter ( at the CAS.

Volunteers Needed for MAS Exams

February 5, 2018

The new Modern Actuarial Statistics I committee is in need of volunteers. The committee will meet twice a year (late April/early May and late October/early November) to review questions, compile the next exam and conduct the pass mark panel. The meetings are generally 1½ to 2½ days in various cities. Each committee member is expected to write about 10 multiple choice questions for each meeting and to review the questions written by others. No grading is required. The CAS covers travel expenses.

There is also a need for consultants for both MAS I and MAS II. Consultants will be asked to work through the first draft of the exam. No travel is required, but volunteers will be expected to be familiar with the entire syllabus and be capable of working through the entire exam without the solutions.

Volunteers must be Fellows or long-term Associates (those who have not taken an exam in the last 3 years and are not planning to take an exam in the next 3 years). Prior familiarity with the material on the syllabus is not required, if you are willing to devote the time required to master that material.

If you are interested, please contact Shelby Wolff at


Posted: October 13, 2017

The Syllabus and Examination Committee is responsible for organizing, managing and administering the CAS examinations and ensuring that individual exam syllabi are up-to-date. The committee tries to place every volunteer on the exam that best fits the member. The CAS asks that volunteers make every effort to commit 3 years to the committee to maintain quality and consistency of the exams.

The work of the Syllabus and Examination Committee is key to maintaining the high standards of professionalism of the CAS membership. Volunteering for the committee is a great way to get involved in the CAS. Volunteers are placed primarily during February through April and July through October.

Question Writing (Exams 5-9)

New question writers participate in a two hour training webinar with no travel required. After submitting questions, the entire committee meets for 2 days to refine questions and compile the exam(s).

  • Exams 5, 7 and 9 – July/August through September with a writers’ summit in September/October.
  • Exams 6C, 6U and 8 – February through April with a writers’ summit in April/May.

Grading (Exams 5-9)

  • Spring exams – starting in mid-May, culminating in a 2 day grading session in Las Vegas in mid-June.
  • Fall exams – starting in mid-November, culmination in a 2 day grading session in Las Vegas in early December.

Modern Actuarial Statistics – MAS I and MAS II

Committee members write multiple choice questions. Each committee (MAS I and MAS II) will meet for 2 days twice a year (late April/early May and late October/early November) to review questions, compile the next exam and conduct the pass mark panel. Committee members will serve on just one of the MAS exams. No grading is involved.


Committee members review the individual exam syllabi regularly to ensure that the learning objectives are supported by the best reference readings available. Both short- and long-term goals for improvement are developed.

Committee members participate in conference calls two to three times per year to discuss updates and changes to the syllabus.

Reimbursement Guidelines

The CAS covers up to $800 for airfare and selects a hotel that falls within reimbursement guidelines for all exam committee travel.

If you are interested in the Syllabus and Examination Committee or have questions please email Shelby at

CAS University Liaison

Posted: January 23, 2015

The CAS University Liaison Program, established in 1999, has grown considerably in the last year and currently matches CAS members with over 300 universities around the world. We are excited about the progress that has been made, thanks to our volunteer University Liaisons, but there is still more work to be done. 

The University Engagement Committee developed a list of target schools, with a goal to match a University Liaison with each university on the list. Schools on the Committee’s target list are not yet matched with a University Liaison. CAS members are invited to volunteer as a University Liaison to a school on the target list.

University Liaisons provide support in a number of ways, such as:

  • Make campus visits and presentations to students and faculty
  • Talk with students on an individual basis
  • Advise faculty on curriculum matters
  • Serve on a university Advisory Board
  • Advise the universities on CAS opportunities, tools and resources, and the exam system

The CAS supports University Liaisons in their university outreach efforts by providing them with off-the-shelf presentations, case studies, and marketing materials.

University Liaisons belong to an online community of fellow volunteers where they can access resources and share their experiences with other University Liaisons.

Please contact the CAS University Engagement Manager, Tamar Gertner, at to volunteer as a University Liaison to one of the schools on the target list.

For more information about the role of University Liaison, please review the description of the expectations for University Liaisons.


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