Above & Beyond Achievement Award (ABAA)


Have you ever worked with a CAS volunteer who performed far beyond what was expected of him or her? Such dedication is often unnoticed outside a particular committee. But you have a way to let the rest of the CAS know.

The "Above & Beyond Achievement Award" is made annually, to one or more members of the CAS, who have made a recent contribution which is conspicuously above and beyond what is reasonably expected.

The nomination window is now open.  Please follow the link to submit your nomination.  All nominations are due on June 23, 2023.

The award works as follows:

  1. Eligibility. Any CAS member other than a current board member or officer is eligible to receive this award. Please note that if a member has received their latest credential (ACAS or FCAS) within the past five years, they will also be considered for the New Members Award.
  2. Nomination. Any CAS member may submit a nomination. Committee Chairs are encouraged to consider their especially hardworking members for nomination, bearing in mind that extraordinary effort can be shown in an assignment of limited scope, as well as on a larger task. 
  3. Criterion. There is a single criterion for this award: a CAS member, in conducting his or her volunteer activity on behalf of the CAS, has performed in a way that is conspicuously above and beyond what is reasonably expected with respect to volunteer duties and responsibilities completed during the 12 or so months preceding the nomination. In addition to participation on CAS Committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces, service on behalf of the CAS may include participation on the committees of other actuarial organizations (such as the American Academy of Actuaries) that reflects positively on the CAS and benefits CAS members.
  4. Selection. Preliminary selections and recommendations will be made by the Volunteer Resources Working Group and submitted to the CAS Executive Council for approval.
  5. Frequency. The award will be awarded annually. More than one award may be made in any one year.
  6. Timing. The award will be announced at the CAS November Annual Meeting.
  7. Recognition. The Award will include a tangible reminder such as a plaque and an engraved item, as well as public recognition by the CAS. The recipients of the award will also be listed in the Actuarial Review.
  8. Nomination Deadline. The deadline to submit all nominations for the 2023 Above and Beyond Award is June 23, 2023.
  • ABAA Winners for 2022
    Sherwin Li
    Brett Jaros
    Amber Rohde
    Kevin Roll
  • ABAA Winners for 2021
    Patrick Ford
    Patricia Hladun
    Shengli Huang
    Stephanie Gould Rabin
    Lisa Yeung
  • ABAA Winners for 2020
    Anthony Bustillo
    Erin Olson
    Pamela Sealand Reale
    Brent Rossman
    Jason Russ
    Jim Weiss
  • ABAA Winners for 2019
    Christian Coleianne
    Chris Styrsky
    Michael Speedling
    Eric Blancke
    Sarah McNair-Grove
    Scott Merkord
    Christopher Monsour
    Minchong Mao
  • ABAA Winners for 2018
    Mallika Bender
    Todd Lehman
    Alejandro Ortega
    Stephanie Gould Rabin
    Peter Royek
    Joshua Taub
  • ABAA Winners for 2017
    Peter Bothwell
    Jill Labbadia
    Julie-Linda Laforce
    Christine Liao
    Scott J. Swanay
    Melissa Tomita
    Scott Yen
  • ABAA Winners for 2016
    Jonathan Charak
    Christopher Styrsky
    Paul Kinson
    Paul Grammens
    Ginda Fisher, Jeremy Shoemaker, and Amy Waldhauer
  • ABAA Winners for 2015
    Paul Brehm
    Emilee Kuhn
    Michael Larsen
    Elizabeth Merritt
  • ABAA Winners for 2014
    John Buchanan
    Bob Conger
    Stan Khury
    Glen Leibowitz
    Tom Whitcomb
    Chad Wischmeyer
  • ABAA Winners for 2013
    Mary Frances Miller
  • ABAA Winners for 2012
    Ginda Fisher
    Aaron M. Halpert
  • ABAA Winners for 2011
    Gareth L. Kennedy
    Rhonda Port Walker
  • ABAA Winner for 2010
    Joanne Spalla
  • ABAA Winners for 2009
    Curtis Gary Dean
    Jacqueline Frank Friedland
    John T. Gleba
  • ABAA Winners for 2008
    Thomas E. Hettinger
  • ABAA Winners for 2007
    Raji Bhagavatula
    Ralph S. Blanchard III
    Robert Campbell
  • ABAA Winners for 2006
    Richard S. Goldfarb
    Rudy A. Palenik
    Nancy P. Watkins
  • ABAA Winners for 2005
    David Menning
    Kristine Kurara
    Jerome Vogel
    Michael Wacek
  • ABAA Winners for 2004
    Ralph S. Blanchard III
    Kevin G. Dickson
    Stuart Suchoff
  • ABAA Winners for 2003
    Sholom Feldblum
    Aaron M. Halpert
    Thomas Struppeck