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Volunteers Needed for MAS I and MAS II Exam Committees

The Modern Actuarial Statistics exam committees are in need of volunteers!

Each committee will meet twice a year (late April/early May and late October/early November) to review questions, compile the next exam and conduct the pass mark panel. The meetings are generally 2½ days. Travel is not required at this time; no decision has been made regarding travel in the future.

Each committee member is expected to write about 6-8 multiple choice questions for each meeting and to review the questions written by others. No grading is required.

Members with a wide range of experience are welcome. If the material is new to you, you can expect to devote a substantial amount of time to learning the material for which you might earn continuing education hours. 

Must be FCAS or long-term ACAS (no exams taken in the last 2 years; commit to not take an exam for 3 years after exam committee membership).

If you are interested, please contact CAS Membership and Volunteer Manager, Shelby Wolff at

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