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Volunteer with the CAS!

The CAS Fall Volunteer Recruitment Campaign is now open, which means through September 30, nearly all CAS committees, working groups and task forces are recruiting new volunteers! Discover what volunteer opportunities are available and indicate your areas of interest and expertise by filling out the CAS Volunteer Interest and Participation (VIP) Survey!

Even if you’re not ready to volunteer at this time, by providing your areas of interest and expertise, you will be contacted about volunteer opportunities that match your preferences in the upcoming year.

Volunteerism is a core value of the CAS and over 1/3 of CAS members give back to the Society by volunteering! Volunteering helps you build your network, influence the direction of the CAS, and expand your skills.

Complete the VIP Survey by 9/30/2022!

How to Volunteer with the CAS Infographic

Questions about volunteering for the CAS? Please contact us at