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Variance Seeks Volunteers to Review Submissions

Variance is in search of volunteers to review submissions. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to new actuarial literature!

A significant part of the work in producing Variance involves reviewing submissions, which is done by volunteers.

There are two volunteer roles: the associate editors (AEs), who select and invite peer reviewers, and (2) the reviewers themselves. Variance needs volunteers for both roles.

Associate Editors. Associate editors identify reviewers, invite them to read and evaluate the paper, follow up with overdue reviewers, and then present a recommendation to the Variance editors on whether to publish a paper. Timeliness is important, and AEs should begin the process of inviting reviewers within 8 days of receiving a paper.

Reviewers. Reviewers read submissions in their area of expertise and write up their evaluation of a paper: recommending accepting for publication, asking the author to make revisions, or declining publication.

Automated review platform. AEs and reviewers handle the stages of review through CAS’s online submission portal, ScholarOne. Training is provided for those who are unfamiliar with ScholarOne. The platform is not difficult, and always shows what stage a review is at and what the AE or reviewer needs to complete.

Time requirement. AEs will need a half hour to an hour each week after a manuscript is assigned to them until the review is complete (4 to 8 weeks). They can expect to be assigned 2 to 4 papers per year.

If you are interested, please contact Donna Royston.

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