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UCAS Adds English Subtitles to Recordings!

We are adding English subtitles to the UCAS library! We are providing a new service to add automated closed captions to our on-demand offerings. Subtitles have been added to our 2022 webinars2022 seminar recordingsmicrolearning courses, and our complimentary DE&I and Race and Insurance bundles. We will add subtitles to offerings from 2022 forward and work to add them to offerings from previous years.

We are actively seeking volunteers who can review the English subtitles for accuracy to better serve their fellow members. Please contact for more information!

Disclaimer: CAS provides closed captioning generated by software applications for the convenience of viewers. CAS does not review for accuracy of the information that appears in a closed caption, and such information (including any foreign language translation and transcription displayed in a closed caption) may not be relied upon as an accurate or complete record of CAS programming. CAS makes no representations or warranties, and expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability with respect to, any errors or omissions in, or the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completeness of, any information that appears in a closed caption.


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