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Policy on CAS Member Attendance at CAS Board Meetings

To: CAS Members

From: Jessica Leong, Chair, CAS Board of Directors

Re: Policy on CAS Member Attendance at CAS Board Meetings

The CAS Board of Directors has adopted a revised policy on member attendance at Board meetings that offers members additional opportunities to gain insights into the workings of our Board than provided under the prior policy.

Members are invited to attend and observe all virtual Board meetings as scheduled on the CAS website calendar of events. Draft meeting agendas will be linked from the calendar listings to enable members to plan their attendance based on the topics to be addressed in the meeting.

Members are also invited to connect virtually to the in-person Board meetings, provided a virtual option for remote participation by Board members has already been arranged. The in-person Board meetings are typically held quarterly, and those held in conjunction with the Spring and Annual Meetings provide members the opportunity to conveniently attend a Board meeting in-person.

The revised policy supports our efforts to provide greater transparency to Board deliberations and more opportunities for members to understand how the Board operates.

The complete policy can be found on the CAS website.

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