Policy on CAS Member Attendance at CAS Board Meetings

As amended on December 7, 2021

  1. CAS Board meetings, both in-person and virtual, are open to CAS members who wish to attend as observers. Observing an in-person Board Meeting remotely as a virtual attendee is not permitted, unless a virtual option for remote Board members is already planned to be offered. Observers must be present visually if observing virtually.
    1. Draft agendas will be available to CAS members through the CAS website prior to Board meetings.
    2. Approved minutes for Board meetings are available upon written request by CAS members.
  2. For planning purposes, members wishing to observe should individually advise the CAS Executive Assistant at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. The CAS Executive Assistant will inform the CAS President and Board Chairperson when a member request to observe is received.
  3. Members observing Board meetings are not entitled to vote or otherwise participate in the meeting, but may be invited to address the Board at the discretion of the Board Chairperson.
  4. Executive sessions, which will be identified in the agenda (e.g., personnel discussions), are limited to sitting Board members.
  5. Agenda materials prepared for Board meetings and presentations made to the Board are not available to CAS members or observers, as they may include information not intended for the public.
  6. Announcements by the CAS Office of Board actions will be made as soon as possible following Board meetings, and can include insights into considerations reflected in Board agenda material, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Leadership Group (President, President-Elect, Board Chairperson, and CEO). Observers should not make public announcements about Board decisions prior to any official CAS announcement.
  7. Observers are not permitted to record any portion of the Board Meeting, including but not limited to photographs and audio and video recordings.
  8. Observers must acknowledge that they have read and agree to this Policy prior to being permitted to observe a Board meeting. Violation of the Policy will be considered a breach of the CAS Code of Conduct, which could result in disciplinary action.

Note: We will aim to fulfill requests for meeting minutes within five business days.