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Exclusive Practice Exam Offer for Fall MAS Candidates

The CAS is pleased to announce that as part of the announced Admissions Transformation Plan, computer-based practice exams for the MAS exams will be available exclusively for candidates that are registered for the fall 2022 sitting of MAS-I and/or MAS-II.

Access to the practice exam experience opens on October 13 and the experience consists of a four-hour practice exam on your own device in an un-proctored Pearson VUE environment. Candidates will be able to use the practice exam to mimic the real-world experience they will have on exam day. Candidates can use this practice exam to gauge their time management and make sure they are familiar with the Pearson VUE environment. Candidates registered for the MAS exams will be emailed directly with a link to purchase.

The practice exam will consist of 45 multiple choice questions. The questions are sourced from MAS exams 2019 and prior that are currently available on the CAS website. Some of the questions are identical to what was previously offered, some are slightly modified versions of previous questions.

At the end of the four exam hours, candidates will have up to 24 hours to review the correct answers of their exam. Candidates will be unable to change their answers during this time. After this period, candidates will receive a score report that provides the number of questions answered correctly in each section of the exam. The practice exam costs $99. The CAS will be seeking candidate feedback on how to improve the practice exam for future sittings. A full FAQ for the practice exams can be found on the MAS landing pages.