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    • SAO Instructions — see most recent Academy Practice Note below
    • Academy SAO Practice Note (2016) — includes:
      • SAO instructions in Appendix I.1 or I.3 and
      • AO Summary Instructions in Appendix I.2
    • Academy SAO Practice Notes (older)
    • Academy Law Manual
    • NAIC
      • Among other items available through this link, Statements of Statutory Accounting Principles (“SSAPs”) are included as part of the NAIC's Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual.
      • Some key reserving-related SSAPs are also included in the above-linked Academy SAO Practice note in section 9.2.



RESNET - An email list regarding P&C reserving topics. Subscribers are free to discuss any topic that might be of interest to people who have reserving in common.

If a resource you use is not on this page, please feel free to email suggestions to Karen Sonnet, CAS Research Coordinator.

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Posted on 05/11/2018
By Brian Fannin

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