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The CAS is one of the largest international actuarial credentialling organizations, and the only one dedicated to General Insurance. Every year, an increasing number of students begin their journey to becoming an actuary through the CAS. Learn more about the resources we offer.
Why choose the CAS pathway
The CAS offers globally recognized and highly respected actuarial credentials. There are many great reasons to choose the CAS pathway, here are some highlights:
Be a part of a global community of highly skilled and innovative actuaries who specialize in the growing field of General Insurance.
Receive significant discounts on exam fees for students in nearly 150 countries.
Gain access to a wealth of study materials, learning opportunities, and networking events through CAS’ Student Central.

Student Central

The CAS Student Central is a free membership program for university students interested in pursuing an actuarial career. Join the community of nearly 8,000 students from over 600 universities and gain access to career resources, study tools and more!

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Credential Pathway

Actuarial candidates must pass a series of exams and courses to become credentialed property and casualty actuaries and CAS members. The requirements outlined here will help guide you to the highly coveted Associate (ACAS) and Fellow (FCAS) designations.

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Exam Fee Discount Program

The CAS offers a two-tiered fee structure, which provides significant discounts on exam fees and study materials for students in nearly 150 countries.

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Education Waiver Programs

In certain circumstances the CAS offers waivers for exam and education requirements.

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CAS Trust Scholarships

The CAS Trust awards scholarships each year to further students’ interest in the property and casualty actuarial profession.

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