CAS Trust Scholarship Past Recipients

The CAS Trust Scholarship program, funded by donations to the CAS Trust, awards up to three scholarships to deserving students annually. The scholarship’s intent is to further students’ interest in the property/casualty actuarial profession and encourage pursuit of the CAS designation. Recipients are chosen, by the CAS Trust Scholarship Subcommittee.

2021 Winners


  • Joshua Gordon, University of Michigan
  • Claire Liu, University of Wisonsin-Madison
  • Molly Olander, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ana “Cati” Romo, University of Pennsylvania


  • Reiner Atstathi, St. John’s University
  • Olivier Côté, Laval University
  • Sanka Krishna, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
  • Simon Llaguno, Temple University
  • Maurice Williams, St. John’s University

2020 Winners


  • Mark Cappaert, University of Michigan
  • Mikayla Daniels, University of Waterloo
  • Matthew Scarpill, Saint Joseph’s University
  • Kinsey Turk, Arizona State University


  • Asrielle Allen, Drake University
  • Justin Garber, Illinois State University
  • Owen Langejans, University of Michigan
  • Oleksandr Nikipielov, Temple University

2019 Winners


  • Tommy Anderson, University of St. Thomas


  • Jack Richards, Drake University
  • Cason Wight, Brigham Young University

2018 Winners


  • Ann Pogrebitskiy, University of Nebraska – Lincoln


  • Kristen Marshall, Illinois State University
  • Adam Lathan, Drake University

2017 Winners


  • Kate McCoy, Drake University


  • Jacob Akstins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Lily Cook, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire


Previous Winners


2016 Winners


  • Chase Yetter, Lebanon Valley College


  • Chloe Marshinski, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Sarah Rumon, University of St. Thomas

2015 Winners


  • Isabel Ji, University of Waterloo


  • Collin Davidson, Elizabethtown College
  • Catherine Erdelyi, Northeastern University

2014 Winners


  • Jonathan Bisschop, University of Connecticut


  • Thomas Fiorillo, St. John’s University
  • Erin Yetter, University of Wisconsin - Madison

2013 Winners

  • Katherine Tubbs, University of St. Thomas
  • Vincent Carrier Cote, Concordia University

2012 Winners

  • Abby Popejoy, University of Illinois
  • Maria Schiopu, Northwestern University
  • Hugo Lafortune Brunet, University of Montreal

2011 Winners

  • Kevin Owens, University of Iowa, Iowa City
  • Danielle Gilmour, University of Connecticut

2010 Winners

  • Jason Rohlfs, Illinois State University

2009 Winners

  • James Arns, University of Iowa
  • Lesley Eng, University of Calgary
  • Helen Muller, University of Minnesota

2008 Winners

  • Kathy Gu, University of Illinois-Champaign
  • Brett Jaros, University of Illinois-Champaign
  • Kristin Longenecker, Florida State University
  • Jeffrey Miklas, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2007 Winners

  • Nicole Belmonte, Bentley College
  • Matthew Steffen, University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • Emily Tipton, University of Florida

2006 Winners

  • Alexander Rosteck, Rutgers University
  • Sharalyn Chen, University of Waterloo

2005 Winners

  • Daniel Alai, University of Waterloo
  • Waswate Ayana, University of Texas at Austin
  • Judy Wong, University of Waterloo

2004 Winners

  • Carl Jeffrey Gillette, University of Texas at Austin
  • Jenny Jin, University of Waterloo
  • Grace M. Liu, University of Texas at Austin

2003 Winners

  • Denise Leung Yu Cheung, University of Waterloo
  • Marc G. Glickman, Yale University
  • Sarah Mae Klein, University of Missouri-Rolla

2002 Winners

  • Jeffrey Donald Bellmont, University of St. Thomas
  • Jennifer Ge Kang, University of Waterloo
  • Jennifer Marie Randall, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

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