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Research Resources

Looking for articles or information to help you conduct research? Find databases or search engines listed here to help you search for actuarial information. Also, recommended readings and Web sites are provided.

Databases and Search Engines

CAS Database of Actuarial Research (DARE) - Find all articles ever published by CAS plus many more. Searchable by author, title, abstract, publication field. Also browse taxonomy terms by subject area.

Risk Assessment Database (RAD) - The Risk Assessment Database represents an extensive, thorough and up-to-date analysis of the theory and empirics of risk assessment for property-casualty insurance. This database is formerly known as the Risk Premium Project II Report.

CAS Meetings & Seminar Presentations Database – Find presentations & handouts from CAS Meetings and Seminars dating back to 2000.

ArXiv – Find papers on many areas of math and statistics in this electronic archive operated by Cornell University Library.

Directory of Open Access Journals – Find papers from high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals.

Geneva Association Virtual Library – Search for Geneva Association publications, reports, news releases, and media.

Insurance Information Institute – Search for Reports, Studies, Press Releases and more on the Insurance Industry.

International Actuarial Association Search – Search content from all IAA actuarial association web sites. Use Advanced Search for refining., Gateway to U.S. Federal Science – Search reports on Mathematics from the U.S. government.

UK Faculty & Institute of Actuaries Library Services- Access over 40,000 actuarial books, research papers and articles held in the IFoA library or via their online e-Journal portal.

Recommended CAS Readings

CAS Research Prize Winning Papers – The best papers from our Call Paper Programs and other contests.

Completed Research Projects – Find free and funded research projects that have come out of the CAS Research Committees

Completed Working Parties – Papers and reports from successfully completed CAS Working Parties.

Downloadable Programs, Spreadsheets and Workbooks – Find ways to analyze data.

Syllabus of Basic Education – Find readings on the basics of actuarial science.

Research Topics by Subject

Dynamic Risk Modeling – Maintained by the CAS Dynamic Risk Modeling Committee.

Enterprise Risk Management – Maintained by the Joint CAS/SOA Risk Management Section

Health Care - Maintained by the CAS Health Care Issues Committee.

Ratemaking – Maintained by the CAS Ratemaking Committee.

Reserving – Maintained by the CAS Reserves Committee.

Theory of Risk – Maintained by the CAS Theory of Risk Committee.

More Actuarial Journals

Publications in North America – Includes links to financial and actuarial journals.

Publications outside North America – Includes links to actuarial journals published by organizations outside North America.