Welcome New Candidate Liaison Committee Members!

by Laura Hemmer, FCAS
The Candidate Liaison Committee (CLC) is a group of about 25 volunteers who work to be the conduit of information and feedback between the CAS and the candidates who are taking CAS exams. William Wilder, CAS Vice President-Admissions, put it best at the CLC’s recent, virtual annual meeting: “The CLC is the voice and the ear of the candidates.” We are excited to welcome four new CAS members to the CLC.

Ildiko Ban joins the committee from North Vancouver, Canada. She is currently on maternity leave with her nine-month-old son, but after leave she will continue to work on the mandatory auto insurance product at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Ban achieved her ACAS designation in spring 2020 and is beginning to pursue the Fellowship exams. She is looking forward to working on the CLC’s candidate survey effort and resulting action plans as well as writing articles for Future Fellows. She loves to travel, although that is on hold for now thanks to a baby and the pandemic.

Meghan Goldfarb brings to the committee a wealth of CAS volunteering experience, having spent time serving on the Exam Committee, chairing the Student Central Working Group for 3 years, and most recently chairing the Website Redesign Task Force. She achieved her FCAS designation in 2013 and is currently a Technology Director at State Farm responsible for unstructured data services, a position she moved into after 10 years in the actuarial department.  Meghan is excited to learn more about the current candidate experience and bring her Student Central lessons learned to the CLC.  During the pandemic, her favorite hobby has been ice skating, and her family built a backyard rink for their kids this year!

Matthew Lopez became interested in joining the CLC after taking an atypical career path. His experiences gave him the chance to advise some current and prospective candidates, and he hopes the CLC will afford him the opportunity to help other candidates who might be traveling a nontraditional route. Lopez received his ACAS designation in fall 2019 and is currently leading data/analytics strategy and innovation at Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies (BHHC). For fun, he loves learning about anything complex or technical (completely fitting for an actuary!) and he also really enjoys cooking, although maybe less so during the pandemic. 

Deepti Tammareddi is the committee’s newest Fellow, receiving her FCAS designation in 2019. She joined the CLC with the goal of enhancing the CAS student experience. She is excited about learning about what is on candidates’ minds and playing a part in addressing their concerns. Tammareddi is also looking forward to meeting and working with the CLC members. Currently she works in a general liability, umbrella, and excess liability pricing and support role at an insurance carrier. Similar to Ildiko Ban, she loves to travel and is looking forward to when she can do that again, but for now she is contenting herself with plenty of podcasts.

In addition to CAS members, the CLC is also open to CAS candidates for membership as candidate representatives. Candidates interested in joining the committee apply in the fall for membership consideration. We are excited to welcome three new candidate representatives to the CLC.

Rajwayne Neufville joins the CLC from Kingston, Jamaica, where he works for the GK General Insurance Company Limited as the business intelligence and strategy officer. He sees the CLC as a way to get involved with the P&C actuarial community since that opportunity is limited in his region. He is looking forward to bringing additional international perspective to the committee’s discussions and Future Fellows articles. Neufville has completed almost all requirements to receive his ACAS designation. In his spare time, he enjoys watching basketball and is a huge Steph Curry fan.

Nitai Patel enjoyed his experience as a CAS Ambassador so much that he wanted to volunteer with the CAS again, but this time as part of the CLC bringing the candidate perspective to CAS leadership. He is most excited about writing Future Fellows articles and sharing more insights with candidates. Patel is a part of the Actuarial Leadership Development Program at Travelers, where he is currently on a rotation with the Commercial Auto Line Management Team. He has passed Exams P, FM, IFM, C, and MAS-I. Like Rajwayne Neufville, his favorite hobby is watching and playing basketball, although he is a huge Miami Heat fan. 

Menghan Wu was prompted by a friend to apply to join the CLC. She is looking forward to learning more about how the CAS works and engaging in deeper conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing the actuarial profession. Wu works at ISO/Verisk as an actuarial analyst and has MAS-II, Exam 5, and 6 left to attain her ACAS designation. In her free time, she is fond of swimming and the sense of tranquility it gives her. She also loves collecting small things like keychains and stamps. During the pandemic, she has also gotten into vinyl records. 

With such a range of professional experiences, the CLC is looking forward to the insights our new members will bring. Welcome aboard!