Things All Actuarial Candidates Should Know: Crossword

by Chip McCleary, ACAS


2.    Current CAS past president
5.    Final
7.    Loss development factor
11.    Candidate Liaison, et al.
13.    Large loss event, abbr.
14.    Not a cumulative ratio
15.    Current CAS president
16.    How to get a job
17.    What happens from now to 5 across with losses
19.    Where CAS headquarters is located
23.    CAS publication or statistical measure


1.    Not upper level
3.    Missouri Valley dog breed
4.    One thing candidates do upon passing an exam
6.    Rude statistic
8.    Former editor in chief of 23 across
9.    First CAS president
10.    Used to check proficiency in economics
11.    Regional Affiliate for actuaries in Vermont
12.    Favorite shape of actuaries
18.    Credential exam candidates aspire to earn
20.    Future adjustment to premiums and losses
21.    Official number of CAS exams
22.    Score needed to pass an exam

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