Life after ACAS – Getting Involved

by Annie Que, ACAS, Candidate Liaison Committee

Congratulations to the newly minted Associates, and welcome to the Society! As the excitement is wearing off, it can be a good time to consider getting more involved and engaged with the actuarial community. Whether you are looking to expand your actuarial network, research a topic of interest, or inspire the younger generations, there are many volunteer opportunities within the community for you. (Look for helpful URLs throughout this article to get you started.)

The Landing Patch

Before we discuss how to get more involved, it may be helpful to first get oriented with your new credentials. Becoming a new member can be overwhelming; however, you are not the only one and there are resources for you!

The New Members Committee maintains a great page to help you. This is part of the initiative to engage and integrate new members into the CAS. With information and important links curated specially for you, the website provides information at your fingertips on topics of interest, such as attending your first CAS Meeting, continuing education requirements and volunteer opportunities.

Building Your Professional Network and Interests

On a more local scale, there are many regional actuarial organizations that are affiliated with the CAS. These organizations often hold local events and are great gateways to your local actuarial community.

Volunteering with the CAS is another great way to expand your needed network. CAS members come from all over (North America and other parts of) the world. Volunteering provides a great way for you to build relationships with other actuaries outside a networking setting beyond CAS meetings and seminars.

Within the CAS, there are many areas in which you can volunteer, such as:

  • Professional education committees that plan the CAS meetings and seminars.
  • The Diversity Committee that advances the organization's diversity goals.
  • The Member Advisory Panel that, by taking surveys, helps the CAS assess and measure member satisfaction with benefits and programs.
  • Research committees that develop research in various areas of expertise.
  • Community and outreach committees like the New Members Committee and the University Liaison Program that target specific groups.

You will definitely be able to find an opportunity that aligns with your skills, time commitment and passion.

Inspiring Younger Generations

You have come a long way since you first learned about the actuarial profession and wrote your first exam! Imagine if the younger generation had learned about the profession earlier; imagine if the candidate actuaries had known what you learned along the way sooner; imagine if you were guiding them through their early professional careers!

The University Liaison program helps bridge the actuarial profession with the academic community. As a University Liaison, you would represent the CAS and work with a university of your choice to raise awareness of the actuarial profession and the CAS. While the typical activities would include meetings with the faculty members, campus visits, and individual student mentoring, you would have the freedom to coordinate an individualized outreach program.

It is a great opportunity for a new CAS member like yourself, to give back to the community and inspire younger actuaries.

Signing Up!

Every year, the CAS sends out a call for volunteers for the upcoming year. Volunteer commitments typically start in November.

If you are interested in volunteering with the CAS before the annual cycle begins, you can contact Shelby Wolff ( to get started. The volunteer page on the CAS website is also updated as new opportunities come up throughout the year, such as a call for University Liaison volunteers. Each posting will have specific information on the opportunity and corresponding contacts.

It's a new phase in your career! With so many opportunities to expand your network, research an actuarial topic, and inspire young minds, why not add something interesting to your life by getting involved? Stay tuned in the upcoming months for your chance to raise your virtual hand, and visit the Volunteer Page today!