A Candidate’s Code of Ethics Playlist

by Elizabeth End, FCAS, and Elizabeth Smith, CAS Publications Manager

If you are one of those students who likes to listen to music while you study, may I suggest a Candidate's Code of Ethics Playlist? This short playlist was based on the seven rules that all people who have registered for a CAS-specific exam, but who have yet to become an ACAS, must follow. The Code of Professional Ethics for Candidates ensures that the public, whom we are responsible to, can count on high standards of conduct and practice from all those who are associated with the CAS — especially those providing actuarial services. For more background information on the Code, head to the Exams & Admissions section of the CAS Website for the link to the Candidate's Code of Ethics.

Rule 1: An actuarial candidate shall act honestly, with integrity and competence, to uphold the reputation of the actuarial profession.
Song: I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne; Performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
Key Takeaway: Petty sings that he knows "what's right" and vows to "stand my ground" and not be intimidated by bad influences or misguided pressure from others.

Rule 2: An actuarial candidate shall not engage in any professional conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation or commit any act that reflects adversely on the actuarial profession.
Song: You've Got to Stand for Something by Aaron Tippin and Buddy Brock; performed by Aaron Tippin.
Key Takeaway: Tippin and Brock extol the virtues of a solid foundation — being your own person, upholding your family name and never compromising your values. If you don't, "you'll fall for anything."

Rule 3: An actuarial candidate shall perform actuarial services with courtesy and professional respect and shall cooperate with others in the principal's interest.
Song: Share the Land by Burton Cummings; performed by The Guess Who.
Key Takeaway: In this 1970 rock song, Cummings captures the spirit of the hippie movement, calling for understanding and cooperation and working toward the common good.

Rule 4: An actuarial candidate shall adhere to the CAS Policy on Examination Discipline.
Song: Karma Police by Radiohead
Key Takeaway: This one is a bit of a stretch, but I include it   because of a line about Karma Police arresting a man because "he talks in maths." Hey, I said it was a stretch. Just enjoy this song's '90s vibe.

Rule 5: Actuarial candidates are not authorized to use membership designations of the CAS until they are admitted to membership by the CAS Executive Council.
Song: In the Waiting Line by Henry Binns, Sam Hardaker, Sophie Barker; performed by Zero 7.
Key Takeaway: Don't use ACAS or FCAS after your name until it's "your time."

Rule 6: An actuarial candidate shall not disclose to another party any confidential information unless authorized to do so by the principal or required to do so by law, statute, or regulation. Confidential information   includes information of a proprietary nature and information that is legally restricted from circulation.
Song: Enjoy the Silence by Martin Gore; performed by Depeche Mode.
Key Takeaway: Keep proprietary information confidential. Don't disclose anything unnecessarily; those words "can only do harm."

Rule 7: An actuarial candidate shall respond promptly, truthfully, and fully to any request for information by, and cooperate fully with, appropriate counseling and disciplinary body of the CAS in connection with any disciplinary, counseling, or other proceeding of such body relating to the Candidate Code. The    actuarial candidate's responsibility to respond shall be subject to applicable restrictions listed in Rule 6 and those imposed by law, statute, or regulation.
Song: Brave by Sara Bareilles.
Key Takeaway: In this pop song, Bareilles encourages listeners to have the courage to "say what you wanna say" and not use empty words. "Honestly," this is good advice for many aspects of life.

Hopefully these songs will provide some listening enjoyment as well as serve as a good reminder of your professional ethical duties prior to officially joining the CAS.