Syllabus Updates


Updated: 09/14/2021

The following are the changes made to the Syllabus of Basic Education after its initial publication.


2021 Fall (October) Examinations

Exam 5 — Basic Techniques for Ratemaking and Estimating Claim Liabilities

In May 2021, the CAS Board of Directors agreed to reinstate the Statement of Principles regarding Property and Casualty Insurance Ratemaking, for reference for U.S.-regulated ratemaking. Considering this decision, this reading has been included in the syllabus for the Fall 2021 exam administration.


Exam 6-International — Regulation and Financial Reporting

The final version of the CAS Study Note “An Introduction to IFRS 17 for P&C Actuaries” by Caramgno, N.; Mamane, D.; and Neilson, L. is now available on the CAS website.


2021 Spring (April/May) Examinations

Exam 6-United States — Regulation and Financial Reporting

Two updates have been made to the syllabus:

  • An erratum is included for the “Reinsurance Accounting & Strategy for the Actuary,” paper by Cedar & Thompson.
  • A clarification is made to the citation for the “Reinsurance Commutation” paper by Klann.


Note: This Syllabus is subject to change in the future.

The Syllabus for each examination is defined in the form of Learning Objectives, Knowledge Statements, and Readings. The Learning Objectives present the learning goals for the underlying subjects being tested and set forth, usually in broad terms, what the candidate should be able to do in actual practice. The Knowledge Statements describe the body of knowledge corresponding to the exam subject and are illustrative of the scope of each Learning Objective. The Readings are recommended resources that support the Learning Objectives and may assist candidates to prepare for the examination. The CAS is not responsible for any errors or omissions found in the content of the resources identified in the Readings.

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