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UCAS Cyber Monday Sale – November 28

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, the CAS is offering a 25% off one-day-only discount on select 2022 seminar/meeting recordings and special bundles. This deal is only available for the day of: November 28, 2022. The deadline to be CE compliant is December 31! Please note this price is for individuals only.

Available Products at a discount (25% off - reflected below)

2022 RPM Seminar – ($187.50 Full Event Only)
2022 Spring Meeting - ($187.50)
2022 Reinsurance Seminar – ($187.50 Full Event Only)
2022 Climate Risk Seminar – ($112.5)
2022 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar - ($187.50)
2022 Annual Meeting - ($187.50)
FY2022 Webinar Bundle - ($393.75)
2022 iCAS Predictive Analytics and Data Forum – Microlearning Series – ($75)
CAS Interactive Online Course Bundle ($225 Members)

Take advantage of the opportunity to possibly earn over a hundred hours of CE* with these packages for individual CAS members. Please use the discount code: REBYCAS22 to purchase these recordings. For more information please contact Nora Potter,

If you are interested in group purchases, we have group rates available.

* The amount of CE credit that can be earned for participating in this activity must be assessed by the individual attendee. It also may be different for individuals who are subject to the requirements of organizations other than the American Academy of Actuaries.