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Spring Meeting Featured Speaker Cheryl Cran Highlights Her Talk in New Video

Employee engagement, creating future ready leaders, attracting and retaining top talent are all elements that are rapidly changing and impacting the way we work and how we need to change to meet the challenges of the future workplace today.

For the CAS Virtual Spring Meeting, featured speaker, Cheryl Cran, founder of NextMapping™/ and the CEO of parent company Synthesis at Work Inc., will provide researched global business insights, thought provoking, creative, leading edge ideas and strategies on how leaders can take immediate action to increase team buy in, adaptability and execution NOW as we head towards 2030. Cheryl shares more in her brief welcome video.

In addition to the specific learning objectives identified, attendees will leave this session with:

  • A look at the trends and technologies shaping the future workplace today,
  • “How” to successfully work with and engage the multiple generations in the workplace,
  • Mindset model on how to navigate fast pace of change as we head to future of work,
  • Research on the multiple intelligences needed to navigate the future of work,
  • Case studies and examples of progressive companies and leaders on the leading edge of creating innovative future ready workplaces, and
  • Strategies on how to get everyone on board with the overall future vision, build excitement for the company’s direction and create commitment and buy-in to taking action today and for the future.

To help her customize her speech to address the needs of CAS members in the future workplace, please complete this brief survey.

Cheryl Cran is a world-class keynote speaker who has been named as a #1 future of work influencer. Her clients describe her as ‘the best’ at providing context and solutions for a fast changing future in a vibrant and interactive keynote speech delivery style.

As one of the most dynamic female innovation keynote speakers, Cran delivers true value to leaders and teams by helping them transform their thinking from linear to creative and drive innovation for themselves and for their company.

Cran’s approach as an innovation, leadership and creativity keynote speaker includes gathering audience data, and integrating data into a customized keynote as well as real time interaction during the keynote.

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